About Us

Established in the early 2000's, Beasy has grown to become one of the most recognised, diverse, and established industry leaders in preparing your site for development. We are a  multi-disciplinary contractor specialising in early works site preparation and remediation. Beasy can take care of all of your early work project requirements including but not limited to:

  • Council and Private Certifier approvals including the composition of required plans such as:
    • Arrangement of Complying Development Certificates
    • Traffic Management Plans
    • Hoarding Plans
    • Asbestos Removal Control Plans
    • Demolition Plans
    • Waste Management Plans
  • Protection Works including
    • Hoarding Installations (A & B Class Hoardings)
    • installation of scaffolding
    • coordinating the installation of "Tiger Tails"
    • tree protection
  • Hazardous materials investigation, sampling & removal. Hazardous materials including but not limited to
    • lead,
    • asbestos (friable & non-friable),
    • synthetic mineral fibre (SMF),
    • polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB's),
    • hydrocarbons etc.
  • Storm and fire damage make safe works
  • Tree removal
  • Structural investigative works
  • Awning removal
  • Building decanting and removal of partitions and other non-structural fabrics
  • Factory decommissioning
  • Silo removal
  • Façade removal
  • Warehouse removal
  • Slab removal
  • Building alterations
  • Building partial or complete demolition
  • Roof removal and replacement
  • Remediation of Soil
  • Civil infrastructure installation, including stormwater installations
  • turfing
  • bitumen installation
  • concreting
  • salvage works
  • recycling

Beasy recognise that innovation in management style and on-site methodology are key factors for success within a highly competitive industry.

Beasy have an enviable reputation for completing projects within programme and budget without compromise to quality and safety.

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