Demolition is the complete or partial dismantling of a building or structure, by pre-planned and controlled methods of procedures.

Beasy Pty Ltd is an Unrestricted Demolition Licence holder which means that we are capable of conducting the demolition of any sized structure.

Although demolition is only part of what we have to offer as a complete “one stop shop” Site Preparation company, we pride ourselves in our capability in various types of demolition such as:

  • specialising in years or crane experience in dismantling works (dismantling is often requested whereby items require stringent controls in an operation environment and also where items are required for reuse. We see this more and more as an alternative to demolition)
  • high profile and simple structural demolition
  • pedestrian and vehicular bridge demolition
  • factory decommissioning and/or demolition
  • forensic investigative removal work and/or demolition
  • warehouse decommissioning and plant and equipment
  • warehouse, chimney stack partial or complete demolition
  • pre/post-tensioned beams and suspended slab demolition
  • CBD high-rise demolition
  • multi-level façade removals
  • industrial and commercial strip outs
  • controlled dismantling and/or demolition around heritage items

We are confidently committed to providing and maintaining a working environment that is safe and without risks to health through our adherence to the relevant Commonwealth regulations and codes of practices.