Friable Asbestos Supervision (ASA Supervision)

Beasy Pty Ltd is a WorkCover Friable Asbestos Removal Licence (ASA) holder and we are confidently committed to the safe & efficient removal of any type of asbestos and hazardous materials.

We are industry leaders in the supervision and the safe removal of friable asbestos materials. Our proven track record demonstrates our ability to supervise the removal of friable and bonded asbestos materials from all types of fully operational industrial and commercial sites as well as residential properties across Sydney metropolitan, suburban, and regional locations.

A NATA approved occupational hygienist will conduct air monitoring throughout the friable asbestos removal process to ensure the integrity of the encapsulation and that legislative requirements are met. Once the removal process has finished, a hygienist inspection report and clearance certificate should be obtained to ensure that the area is safe to reoccupy.

With our team of competent, specialized, and experienced asbestos removal personnel, we always ensure that the job is done correctly and complying to relevant codes of practices and legislations.


Some exemplar past projects where we have conducted ASA Supervision/Friable Asbestos Supervision:

  • Sydney Opera House – John Holland – ASA Supervision provided during the excavation of asbestos contaminated soils.
  • Clyde Train Maintenance Facility – John Holland – ASA Supervision provided during the excavation of  asbestos contaminated soils.
  • University of Sydney – Mainland Civil – ASA Supervision provided during the excavation of asbestos contaminated soils.

Mobile Decontamination Units

Beasy has multiple state of the art mobile decontamination units that we utilize on all our friable asbestos projects similar to the one below.