11 Fort Street, Petersham NSW


CBC Facilities

Beasy was engaged by CBC Facilities initially to remove asbestos dust particles which may have settled within bonded asbestos ceiling cavities of this aged care home. Through diligent work the job was done correctly and on time. To ensure that the space was safe to reoccupy, we obtained a hygienist report and a clearance certificate for the job.

Since the client discovered asbestos fragments within the soils in the rear of the building, we were again contracted to conduct soil remediation works to remove the top layer of contaminated soils until we reached virgin excavated natural material (VENM) level. Beasy removed 300 tonne worth of contaminated soils in the backyard which afterwards we obtained a hygienist report and a clearance certificate.

The client was very happy with our work that at their request we were contracted again a third time to design and build the driveway and rear carpark including bitumen works. Although far from what Beasy does best, we were very capable at completing the project.