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17 Reddalls Road, Kembla Grange


Ensure Constructions

The broad objective of the project was for the safe and timely demolition of and a make safe of the APC Socotherm factory so that forensic investigations could be undertaken in the area. Beasy demolished all of the roof structure, south and western walls and columns, north walls, and other minor structural elements.

The structure was a large industrial complex in which pipes of various types were coated with plastics. Mos of the portal frames holding up the roof structure had collapsed and were supported approximately midspan by the floor or machinery. The columns were bent inwards and at least two columns suffered failure of the hold down bolts to the slab. The cladding and many minor structural and other elements were loose.

Because of the structural instability and the nature of the work, Beasy ensured the stability of the structure during demolition, taking particular note that no part of the structure to be retained became destabilized.