John Holland

The South West Rail Link (SWRL) is an extension of the CityRail commuter rail network in Sydney. Beasy was engaged by John Holland to undertake the demolition of approximately 30 houses within the proposed rail corridor, and conduct the associated asbestos removal works prior to demolition.

To further put cost savings to our client, we ensured that recyclable demolished materials such as brick and concrete were crushed for their use on project haul roads and driveways. The demolished concrete and brick materials from houses were stockpiled and crushed at the end of the project.

At one demolition site, we demolished a tin shed structure connected to a heritage listed train carriage. The demolition of houses started at Glenfield and ended at Leppington with stockpiles for the crusher at Rossmore.

With our diligent demolition and asbestos crews, the project was completed in 3 months.