Wollongong Central Shopping Centre


Hansen Yuncken

Beasy were contracted by Hansen Yuncken for friable asbestos remediation, structural demolition and excavation works during the construction of the West Keira Shopping Center.

The scope of works involved Friable asbestos remediation and demolition of a four level suspended slab structure consisting of a two level car park and two levels of retail shops as well as detail and bulk excavation works.

Beasy developed the project specific Asbestos Removal Control Plan and Demolition Work Plan allowing for the works to be conducted during the busiest retail month of December with no disruptions to the shopping center or the general public on Keira Street. All project works were conducted whilst the Shopping Center was open due to Development Application constraints.

Beasy conducted friable asbestos removal works from the external façade of Crown Street Mall along Keira Street ensuring Air Quality levels were better than Work Health and Safety Regulation requirements.

The demolition phase was conducted with engineered methodologies and specialist pulverizing equipment allowing the Shopping Center to remain open during the demolition of all suspended concrete slabs, reinforced concrete beams and columns.

Beasy completed the project within the required time constraints with zero incidents whilst maintaining the Safety, Quality and Environmental requirements of Hansen Yuncken and the Development Application requirements of Wollongong City Council.