Kimberley Clark Australia - 7 Williamson Street, Ingleburn


Kimberley Clark Australia

Beasy were engaged by Kimberley-Clark Australia to act as Principal contractor to salvage large manufacturing equipment before shrink wrapping and exporting to Malaysia, India, Singapore, South Korea and the US.  Machinery was methodologically fixed onto customized reinforced bases then covered with custom made Barrier Foil bags. These foil bags are made of advanced material that prevent any types of erosion and transmission of odours. Beasy also provided other on-site logistics management including container storage and weight control to ensure the machines were shipped in an economical, safe and efficient manner.

Demolition works involved in the project were:

  • site set up as Principal contractor
  • investigation, identification and safety commissioning of electrical, mechanical and fire services
  • engineering, dismantling and labelling of specialised equipment for transport overseas.
  • removal of high-level ductworks
  • demolition of various mechanical and electrical machines and equipment such as conveyors, air compressors, storage tanks etc
  • removal of numerous manufacturing working lines, plant rooms, offices, mezzanine levels and warehouse area
  • make good of finished surface and industrial clean prior to sale of warehouse