Ku-ring-gai Council Depot – 1-7 Carlotta Avenue, Gordon



Beasy Pty Ltd was engaged by the Client as the Principal Contractor to demolish the Ku-ring-gai Council Depot and SES facility in Gordon to allow for the construction of a Nursing Home on the site. The site was within a highly sensitive area between the North Shore Rail Line and nearby apartment complexes and Shopping Center.

Beasy was required to remediate the site of hazardous materials including asbestos from within the structures and restricted liquid wastes from above ground and underground storage tanks. The underground storage tanks were demolished and removed under Beasy’s Unrestricted Demolition Licence.

Large steel Council and SES warehouses were demolished including concrete slabs and piers within the ground. To accommodate the demolition of some of the piers, Beasy were required to divert an active storm water line running through the site to ensure all works were conducted without disrupting existing services within the ground. Prior to demobilising off site Beasy designed and implemented long term sediment and erosion control procedures for ongoing site maintenance.